Rabbit farming can be sustainable in developing countries due to the following reasons. First, rabbits can be raised on a grain free-diet. In a world of rising prices and increasing demand for grain, the ability to raise a good protein on garden forage is a plus. Second, rabbits are characterized with fast growth rate, high fecundity, high feed conversion efficiency, and early maturity. With good husbandry, rabbits can produce above 40 kits per annum compared to one calf for cattle and up to two kids in goats. Third, rabbits are considered free from odor, noiseless, and can adapt in many ecosystems unlike many of the larger ruminants. Lastly, research shows that farmers in developing countries have started showing interest in information and communication technologies. Such technologies are used as marketing platforms where farmers and potential buyers meet. Such arrangements make it easy for farmers to sell their produce.

Organic Product

Farmed rabbits need the opportunity to carry out their key natural behaviours in the same way as all rabbits do - whether they are kept as pets, laboratory rabbits, or living in the wild. We feed our rabbits with green leafy vegetables, seasonal vegetable, spinach, carrots, muller, cucumber, green grass and vegetable wastes. We serve them poultry feed.In accordance with providing nutritious feed, we supply them sufficient amount of clean and fresh water according to their demand. Your rabbits are raised with love in natural conditions.

Why To Choose Rabbit Farming

We have set rabbit raising method for our farm in place and never failed. We farm popular breeds for their productivity and relative ease in raising. We choose the cage farming method and raise our breeds in natural conditions. Our rabbits are able to comfortably carry out their natural behaviours to be happy and healthy. So as rabbits love to eat fresh vegetables we provide the rash herbs the whole year. Rabbits need lots of roughage in the form of hay or straw to help prevent hairballs. We feed hay or straw at least once a week. The environment they are raising in is making quality of our rabbits the EU standard. We guarantee that you will be satisfied once you try our product.

What we do

You will ask who we are and what are we doing? We are a passionate team that is making high quality product with new technologies. We are providing the rabbit meat to the local market and offering different spices to breeders. There is a great opportunity of rabbit farming in our country. Rabbit needs small place and less food for survival. Rabbit meat contains high ratio of protein, energy, calcium and vitamin than other species of animal. Exactly because of those reason we made a Bachia Rabbit farm in Georgia to provide ecologically clean product to people.

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