Georgia is a country with a traditional backyard and highly variable pig farming system. The practices of such sectors have seldom been described and analyzed to better understand their implication in the introduction. Results show that pig farming in Georgia is a non-professional sector, highly heterogeneous by region, characterized by smallholdings of few animals, with low inputs, outdated technologies, and poor biosecurity, which all translates into low outputs and productivity. The hierarchical clustering on principal components confirmed that there are five major production and husbandry strategies, which match the four regions where the study was conducted. According to this information, well planed pig farm is the key of good income for the investors. After studding this sector, we decided to make the pig farm with new technologies and are very satisfied with out investment.

Benefits of Progress

Over time, pig farming has evolved to incorporate new ways of managing herd health and preventing disease, better manure management, improved feed use and nutrition, and leaner hogs that provide more healthful meat.

5 Advantages of Pig Farming

1. Pigs have the advantage of being prolific breeders
2. Commercial pig farming creates employment
3. Pigs have a high food conversion ratio
4. Pigs have a faster growth rate
5. Pigs are highly adaptable and easy to farm

What we do

At Bebo Holding Pig Farms we strive to produce the best suckling pigs in the Georgian market. The high quality of our products is achieved because we maintain high animal health and welfare standards. Our well trained staff work with the pigs taking care of them on a daily basis. They take special attention to hygiene, feeding and preventive measures to reduce to a minimum injuries or any type of stress. We also have the support of a veterinarian who performs an annual check of our animals and provides advise for their care. Our sows and boars are fed exclusively with our special diet formula consisting of soy, corn, rice, and wheat. Our suckling pigs are fed exclusively with their mother’s milk.

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