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We have developed a pragmatic and flexible, multi-layered approach to the audit of financial models. Our comprehensive methodology means all relevant issues are identified, resolved or reported. Our proven and comprehensive bottom-up ‘all cells’ testing evaluates a model’s structure, data flows and logic. Our top-down analysis includes testing of key risk areas using a range of analytical procedures, including re-performance, proof in totals, trend analysis and sense checking. We focus on what makes each project unique. We liaise closely with clients and key stakeholders at each stage of a project to make sure our work is delivering what they need.

Service Planing

Planning & Strategy

We help our clients in preparing financial models and conducting independent reviews of financial models, in order to:

  • Model Assurance and Review
  • Equity Transaction Support
  • Model Development
  • Determine the effects of the investment project
  • Business case development

Benefits of Services

By connecting growth-oriented companies with a network of high-quality, long-term investors, we deliver compelling results for issuers of IPOs, public and confidential follow-on offerings, PIPEs, registered direct offerings, convertibles, and private placements.

Services Analysis

Financial Model Assurance team supports project finance, acquisition, secondary market transactions and financings across all sectors. Our services are tailored to give clients the right degree of assurance and reliance to support financing, commercial and investment decisions.

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