The leaf of the bay laurel - Laurus nobilis - a native shrub of the lands surrounding the northern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean, has a mythic history. Ancient mythology recounts that Apollo pursued the uninterested nymph Daphne. Apollo stalked Daphne until the gods granted her protection by turning her into a bay tree. In the Greek as well as Georgian languages, the herb is still called "dafni." At the Temple of Delphi, which is dedicated to Apollo, the priestesses would eat bay leaves before divining the future. Because bay leaves are mildly narcotic, this may have helped induce the trance state. The greatest commercial production of bay leaf today is in Turkey. In second comes Georgia. Bebo Holding has set to its goal to promote Georgian laurel leaf on international stage and Bay laurels do not withstand heavy frost but require hot, dry summers for production of concentrated essential oils.

Bey leaf benefits

Bay leaves grow on a group of evergreen plants that belong to the plant family called Lauraceae. These plants produce aromatic leaves that are used in cooking and for other purposes. Bay leaf does offer some impressive health benefits, such as helping to reduce gas and bloating and fighting free radical damage thanks to its antioxidants. There’s even some evidence it may help treat dandruff, muscle and joint pain, and skin infections. What is bay leaf good for? It has Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Qualities, may prevent Candida, may help fight Cancer, could be useful for diabetics and aid in digestion.

What we offer

We are able to supply Organic and Conventional Hand Picked Laurel Leaves Whole, Broken and Powder types direct from Georgia. We export high-quality grades of bay leaves, both natural and machine dried. All the bay leaves are sorted by color, size and overall condition of the leaves in order to meet the most demanding specifications for our clients in terms of manufacturing specifications. Bebo Holding products are five different, high-quality grades of Bay Leaves, both machine and naturally dried, throughout the year.

Our philosophy

In the decades since, Bebo Holding bey leaf production has steadily grown into a powerhouse bey leaf importer, manufacturer, and supplier for customers throughout Georgia, middle east and europe. While our size and capabilities as a Bey leaf importer, manufacturer and supplier have greatly expanded, some things haven’t changed: our focus on quality, integrity and the family’s involvement in the business. Our culture is grounded in integrity and respect. This means adhering to the highest standards of ethics. Our reputation as an ethical company is one of our most valuable assets. We stand by everything we do. Quality means for us is doing job properly in one-time-only. We've always delivered quality work, and we are continually striving to improve our performance. Our philosophy is simple-Act as a partner for our clients.

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